Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bountiful Beauties and More

Finally, the studio has returned from being Santa's wrapping station and it's just about time to start sewing again. The Trees are up: (BIL and his family and K and I decorated for MIL & FIL this year. It was fun and greatly appreciated.)

Family Room Living Room In laws
and the gifts are done. Some still will not be revealed.
Amy Bradley's Bountiful Beauties was a great hit with the Water Aerobic Leader. I've really enjoyed the class three days a week. It gets me out and moving at least. We had an appreciation lunch last week and had wonderful Italian food at Cafe Colore on Rt 9 in Howell. No one knew the beauties were backwards. It's nice being among non-quilters who appreciate the work.

There's a list of quilts simmering in my head, along with a series of crocheted doilies inspired by the cover of Crochet World.

OK, so I started with February, cause those were the colors close at hand. I'm working on Gingerpeople for December which was on the cover of the magazine and there will be a different doily for each month. Although another idea came to me in Aerobics this's wonderful to get these design ideas again.

These are fingerless gloves or gauntlets for the postal carrier. They look like they're talking to each other. I am loving this crochet.

Happy Holidays everyone.

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