Friday, January 23, 2009

It's not just for quilting

In pursuit of a bag for my new camera, I remembered Superior Thread's Razzle Dazzle by Ricky Tims. It is 18 weight and looked to be thick enough to create something. Starting with a 2.5 steel hook, then moving to 3.0, I settled on an E aluminum hook to make this little bag in single crochet. The flap is double crochet decreasing on each side and the strap is three dc and a three chain for each row.

The thread can be a little untwisty which led me to the E hook. Color 255 makes it looks like fine chain mail. Even though it is a metallic thread, it wasn't that scratchy to work with and the finished bag is actually a little soft.

Now on my hook is Color 256 in double crochet to make a small evening bag. This color is creating a richer, more sparkly fabric, but now I have to wait for another spool or two to finsh the bag.