Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lakeside Shell is the Best!!

We had an adventure yesterday when the alternator went out on our 99 Ford Explorer. We had been out shopping about 30 miles from home when the lights started going crazy on the dash. Kevin thought he could get home, get the other car and make it to our local dealership.

When the car started stalling we were still more than 15 miles from home. We pulled into a Chrylser dealership less than a mile from a Ford dealer (just couldn't go that extra mile). Then we discovered that the Chrysler dealership wouldn't work on a Ford. They "didn't have the equipment".

Thank goodness for AAA. After negotiating the tow and where we would be going, we were taken to Lakeside Shell in Trenton, NJ. The station is just off 195 at the Arena/South Broad St exit. The car was fixed in less time than it took to tow it to the shop. Kevin had talked to the head mechanic on the phone after AAA said that's where we would be taken. He explained the problem and answered some questions about make/model of the car . They had the part waiting for us when we got there.

Even though it's a busy station with 3 bays and 11 tow trucks, they took great care of us and had us on our way within an hour! Thank you Vic and Christopher and everyone at Lakeside Shell.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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