Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ketchup, again

This really must happen more often. Life is finally settling into some kind of routine. The move was completed in July. We finally got a buyer for the MN house, but closing has been delayed. Hopefully it will be done by the end of this month.
Everything is unpacked, I think, and there's only been one thing, so far, that hasn't been located. Quilting is picking up again and I've started seriously crocheting.

The local quilt shop, Mouse Creek Quilts on Route 9 in Howell, ( ) is sponsoring a "house tour". They provided the pattern and the final block had to be 18 x 22. The tour is in December when the blocks will be on display in the shop. A donation to the local food pantry will enable a vote.

These were made using packaged bias tape, some trims and Angelina for the windows.

This was made for my BILs wedding to his long-time girlfriend. They are both avid gardners. The center blocks are state flowers or vegetables. The quilting is flowers and leaves.

There is a chapter of the Brandeis National Committee here and they sponsor "learning opportunities" and events. I joined and have gotten a little involved. I donated several items for a silent auction and I've been asked to teach a crochet class and a fabric class next spring.

Here are some of the auction items:

There were about 25 items in all that kept me busy for two weeks. I'm working on gifts right now so postings on those will be after they've been given.

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Alikat said...

So goodto see an updated blog Digi. absolutely adore the house blocks.